Solving the Event Venue Problem

Solving the Event Venue Problem

We were working on the question of where Virtual Reality Archery could be located at the Paris Olympics.

Conventional archery is slated to appear at the Esplanade des Invalides, a beautiful open space in front of the Hotel des Invalides, in the center of Paris:

But we need a different kind of space to mount the virtual competition, and outside we’d need a gigantic screen to display the action.

There simply is not appropriate or affordable space anywhere near the conventional venue.

The same challenges would apply to many of the other VR Archery competitions and tournaments that would lead up to – and follow – the Olympics.

Then it hit us.

We don’t need all of that space!

We can sell tickets to whomever will fit into our limited local space, and to thousands of spectators all over the world… all of whom will have great virtual seats for the action… like Michael:

[Michael’s Avatar]

And be able to cheer their favorites from the comfort of their living rooms:


Intel is already doing this [without the Avatars] at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea:

OR Michael could step into the arena himself and compete – shot for shot – with the Olympians… and do it from his bedroom.