Second Life does VR Community

Second Life does VR Community

That is Philip Rosedale.

Years ago, he and his team developed a virtual space called Second Life.

Second Life was experience on a computer screen, nevertheless hundreds of thousands of people are still virtual citizens of this world.
Rosedale has taken the Second Life experience to the next logical step: Virtual Reality.
His company, High Fidelity, is a free, open source, multi-user VR platform, that has built a massive alternate reality.

High Fidelity has recently partnered with cloud computing platform DigitalOcean to provide cloud hosting of user-created online ‘domains’.

Meaning that just as we have been long able to build and have services [Internet Service Providers [ISPs]] host our own websites on the Internet, we will now be able to build and have High Fidelity [and soon enough, others, like Alibaba] host our own virtual worlds [or archery ranges or hunting grounds].

This is another brick in the growing structure of our coming virtual archery community.