Change Management

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Project Description


In 1991, Victor Bond started a company – ChangeNet – that consulted and implemented programs around the world on the creation of and the management of change. He also built that website. He worked in every continent except Antarctica and Oceania [though he later lived in the South Pacific and taught change there too].

In 2007, he wrote Change Generation [Lulu Press, 2007] a manual and guide to creating and managing change in organizations.

The point of this is to demonstrate that Victor has thought about and worked on change issues with individuals and organizations for quite a long time.

Relevant Training

Victor Bond attended Harvard University, where he majored in Mathematics and studied Physics and Social Psychology.

He also attended [and later taught at] IBM’s Executive Management School in LaHulpe [near Brussels] Belgium.

Relevant Experience

As described above, Victor created ChangeNet, The Business Transformation Group, and has consulted to and implemented change programs and guided change projects at companies around the world for over 25 years.

He served as a U.S. Director of Strategy for IBM, during which time he researched and led efforts in corporate consulting and corporate acquisitions and mergers.

Later, as VP, Marketing and Strategy for Cell Tech International, he took that nutritional products company laterally into the personal care space, conceiving, developing and bringing to market a full 20 sku product line in less than 18 months. He developed the strategy for this move, and did everything from product testing and procurement to label design and advertising, to designing a new corporate website.