Technology Integration

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Project Description

High Archery Technology Meets High Electronic Technology.


We have the incredible opportunity to marry the High Technology of the best in archery to the High Technology of cutting edge [but not bleeding edge] consumer and industry electronics and gaming.

The timing is perfect. What we envision could not have been done 12 months ago, and the next 12 – 24 months will see an expansion of both the native function and the interface compatibility with the most simple and the most advanced archery technology.

The fact that we have envisioned these possibilities recommends us in the first place. The fact that we have the experience and the discipline to relate and apply them to each other confirms our role in this effort.

Without discussing these possibilities in detail here, it must be said that this technology marriage is our greatest opportunity to create a “Blue Ocean” business opportunity.

Unlike a Red Ocean, in which the waters are roiled with the blood of no-holds-barred competition, we have an opportunity to create and address an entirely new market – a Blue Ocean – which for the moment no one is serving.

This is the key to our opportunity today, and the key to our prosperity tomorrow.

Relevant Training

Victor Bond attended Harvard University, where he majored in Mathematics and studied Physics and Social Psychology.

He also attended [and later taught at] IBM’s Executive Management School in LaHulpe [near Brussels] Belgium.

He has been involved in high technology for more than 40 years, and he has been a web developer since 1995.

Relevant Experience

Victor served as a U.S. Director of Strategy for IBM, during which time he researched and led efforts in corporate consulting and corporate acquisitions and mergers.

Later, as VP, Marketing and Strategy for Cell Tech International, he took that nutritional products company laterally into the personal care space, conceiving, developing and bringing to market a full 20 sku product line in less than 18 months. He developed the strategy for this move, and did everything from product testing and procurement to label design and advertising.

He has designed and deployed dozens of web sites, including this one.

He has two patents, on a highly advanced safe, long range arrow, and on a design for a ground-breaking bow technology.