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Project Description


The Challenge

Those ancient Sumerian and Egyptian language translation tablets symbolize the vast gulfs of meaning and feeling that can exist between people, even when they speak the same language. We should always consider that the internal languages that people speak are as varied as the lives they lead, and the beliefs that they hold dear.

If we did that… if we thought that… all the time, with everyone, we would take a giant step toward understanding them better than the words they speak.

This insight is the key to effective marketing and communication for us: understanding from the very beginning and to the very end that we only barely understand those around us, even those close to us. Knowing this, we can hardly believe that we understand those distant people that we hope to reach and influence by our words… with our… logos… and all the other tools of “sophisticated” communication and marketing.

We have marketed and been marketed to long enough to understand that to be able to communicate, and to be able to earn the right to communicate with others, we must listen to their Sumerian tablet words with our Egyptian hieroglyphic ears, and for the first time hear the strangeness of a completely different human being trying to share themselves with us.

So… we listen.

We listen… we learn… and we communicate.

Relevant Training

Victor has been taught by the best for many years to listen to others.

Relevant Experience

Victor wrote The Pachyderm Problem, a cautionary tale of what happened one day when a man’s unresolved issues caught up with him. It goes to the heart of why it is so difficult to connect with others… and ourselves.