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Project Description


Strategy and Planning are different things.

Strategy and planning are not only different things, but strategy development and plan development are almost always inimical… they actually work against each other.

Don’t just take our word for it. There’s also Henry Mintzberg, the former President of the Strategic Planning Society in his best-selling The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning [Simon and Schuster, 1994].

He concluded that the term “Strategic Planning” is an oxymoron — that strategy cannot be planned because planning is about analysis and strategy is about synthesis. That is why, he asserts, the process has failed so often and so dramatically.

The keys are these: Strategy Development – synthesis – is putting things together… Planning – analysis – is taking things apart.

“The most successful strategies are visions, not plans.”

Henry Mintzberg



We never forget this.

Strategy development is not as easy as following a blueprint, but it is also not an impossible maze.

What IS impossible is for the best possible strategy to be successful without immediate and constant change and reconsideration. Which is made all the more difficult because strategies quickly become ego-bound, either for those who want to show that they were right or for those who want to show that the developers were NOT right.

This is part of the matrix of human nature – culture – that can undermine and destroy the best and most thoughtful strategy, and make fulfilling a strategy feel like a maze. Because life is a maze.

Sound familiar?

We know to do this… and how not to do it.

Relevant Training

Victor Bond attended Harvard University, where he majored in Mathematics and studied Physics and Social Psychology.

He also attended [and later taught at] IBM’s Executive Management School in LaHulpe [near Brussels] Belgium.

Relevant Experience

Victor served as a U.S. Director of Strategy for IBM, during which time he researched and led efforts in corporate consulting and corporate acquisitions and mergers.

Later, as VP, Marketing and Strategy for Cell Tech International, he took that nutritional products company laterally into the personal care space, conceiving, developing and bringing to market a full 20 sku product line in less than 18 months. He developed the strategy for this move, and did everything from product testing and procurement to label design and advertising.