Planning and Project Management

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Project Description


Planning and Project Management are the same things, on different levels.

Planning and Project Management should fit together like hand in glove, because Project Management is Planning’s “grip” on the way things are really happening – and can happen – on the ground.

We think that a road trip like this one perfectly describes our take on this phase of any implementation.

The “Big Picture” is literally composed of a whole bunch of “Little Pictures,” down to the turn-by-turn street level.

The only real difference between this Google map and a real-world plan and project is that – in the Google map – roads may be closed or opened unexpectedly, but the roads that are there when you start this trip are pretty much going to be there on the trip and when you roll into town.

Plans and projects are always different from this. At any time, there may appear a completely new path from Table Rock to Rawlins, or the clearly marked highway into Casper can disappear as quickly as a key person on vacation or sick, or mad about something or someone [maybe you].

Or a hundred other things, some of which you can keep track of and some [most] of which you cannot.

This is planning and project management in the real world, which like it or not, is the one we’ve got.

“Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”

   Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz

She should have had us do her planning and project management.

We never forget this.

Google Maps and GPS are not reality, they are maps for reality.

The difference can be tiny, and it can be gigantic, and made all the worse because that pothole or the nail that didn’t show up on Google Maps will put a real hole in your real tire on the way to fulfilling your Vision and your Mission on the way to completing your Plan that was going just fine until… it wasn’t.

So, in the same way that it is important for implementing a strategy, a healthy regard for the fact that you control very little on your way to project glory and you better get used to it.

That map on the left is reassuring in its way, as is the beautiful winding road on the right. But neither will be any help when you run out of gas outside Hot Springs at 3:42AM.

Planning and Project Management is much more about being prepared for the truly unexpected, and figuring that in, as best you can, from the beginning of the trip.

We know to do this… and how not to do it.

Relevant Training.

Victor Bond attended Harvard University, where he majored in Mathematics and studied Physics and Social Psychology.

He also attended [and later taught at] IBM’s Executive Management School in LaHulpe [near Brussels] Belgium.

Relevant Experience

Victor served as a U.S. Director of Strategy for IBM, during which time he researched and led efforts in corporate consulting and corporate acquisitions and mergers.

Later, as VP, Marketing and Strategy for Cell Tech International, he took that nutritional products company laterally into the personal care space, conceiving, developing and bringing to market a full 20 sku product line in less than 18 months. He developed the strategy for this move, and did everything from product testing and procurement to label design and advertising.