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Project Description

The World of Archery Should Be This Responsive

It is stunning that the world of archery is filled with smartphone apps of all sorts, especially games, but none of the major manufacturers has a significant online presence in this way.

The opportunities to reach entirely new audiences with what we propose cannot ignore this area, because it is truly massive and because it is so relatively inexpensive to enter.

We are based in Silicon Valley, which is the world capitol of application development of all sorts, from smartphones to the Cloud. Our extended network and contacts is filled with developers who are eager to make names for themselves.

Our market reach and virtually open marketplace makes us a valuable partner in this world.

Here’s How It Could Look.

Hunger Games Game APP

This is the only Hunger Games App that is endorsed and licensed by Lionsgate Studios, who produced the movies. The game is filled with “for pay” elements, which degrade the playing experience. However, the UK company that developed the app and licensed the marks from Lionsgate may make a deal to remove the “pay” portions.

Live Game and Competition Feed

We cannot discuss this section in depth, but it will be a highly attractive feature for existing and new archers. The impact of this kind of support for users cannot be overestimated. There is a vast array of ways that users can use this and other apps to stay connected with a much wider and more diverse population that exists today.


Here’s where users can buy stuff… lots of stuff. Either directly through you, or with one of your partners that is happy to help you serve this larger market. This is also a portal through which you can broadcast to users in a non-invasive, community spirit. This will be one of the hubs of that new community. ‘Nuff said about that.

Relevant Training

Victor Bond attended Harvard University, where he majored in Mathematics and studied Physics and Social Psychology.

He also attended [and later taught at] IBM’s Executive Management School in LaHulpe [near Brussels] Belgium.

He has been involved in high technology for more than 40 years, and he has been a web developer since 1995.

Relevant Experience

Victor served as a U.S. Director of Strategy for IBM, during which time he researched and led efforts in corporate consulting and corporate acquisitions and mergers.

Later, as VP, Marketing and Strategy for Cell Tech International, he took that nutritional products company laterally into the personal care space, conceiving, developing and bringing to market a full 20 sku product line in less than 18 months. He developed the strategy for this move, and did everything from product testing and procurement to label design and advertising.

He has designed and deployed dozens of web sites, including this one.

He has two patents, on a highly advanced safe, long range arrow, and on a design for a ground-breaking bow technology.