Olympic eSports League

Olympic eSports League

It is no accident that the most virtualisable sports are also hand-held weapons sports: archery, fencing, and shooting.

All of them send projectiles out toward targets, from where the person is standing his or her ground.

So, all of them can happen in real room-space.

All of them are richly represented in the entire history of electronic gaming, and in eSports.

All of them are Olympic sports, steeped in the tradition of the Games.

And all of them can be played virtually and authentically by almost anyone, man or woman, men and women… everywhere.

Imagine a tournament environment with games like Stand Your Ground™, wherein the objective is to do just that against increasing waves of robot adversaries, who perish not in blood and gore, but in flashes of light… final fireworks. [see Holopoint]

No violence… no killing… no brain injury… just incredible, high-pressured, cinematic sharp-shooting… all with sound and visual effects to blow the minds of… families.

Imagine individual and team events [miked] in each sport, then think of how it would be to mount a combined battle event [ComBat™], with mixed gender bow, sword, pistol and shotgun packing teams, making their stand together… and in a different, incredible virtual location every competition cycle.

Events like this can fill physical and virtual arenas and stadiums all over the world, and generate revenues for conventional archery, fencing, and shooting programs and events.

And these events, especially in The Olympic Games, would be pure television magic.

Pure. Television. Magic.

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