Holopoint: A Model Game for the New Archery

Holopoint: A Model Game for the New Archery

Holopoint [by Alzan Studios] has emerged at just the right time for our purposes.

It is what is called a “Wave Shooter,” in which the player [in this game wielding a virtual bow] fires at increasing numbers and types of converging virtual adversaries.

In this game, those adversaries include geometric shapes, then virtual sword-wielding Samurai, then Ninja, flinging fighting stars.

All of which explode in non-bloody, pixelated glory when struck by the player’s virtual arrows.

The contest takes place inside, first, a martial arts dojo [like Katniss Everdeen’s practice space in The Hunger Games – Catching Fire], then in an elegant outdoor garden.

It is addictive and – strategically for us – physical… very physical.

The videos below show:

1. the training scene from the movie [1:00]

2. playing the original Holopoint [4:37]

3. update of game enhancements in 2017 [10:28]

4. what spectators might see in the vSports Arena [2:42]

Training Scene from The Hunger Games – Catching Fire

The Original…

Enhanced version…

In this depiction of the vSports Arena, the players are projected on the Jumbotron as they are fighting inside the “Dojo.”
The video below shows how this could look [with one player].

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This game, slightly modified, or another one like it, would be perfect as the basis of a new Olympic Archery Discipline.

Alzan Studios distributes it through Steam, which is Valve’s game distribution platform.

It just might be great to have an “Olympic Edition,” that would be stable, rather than regularly changing, as most computer games must to keep the attention of their audiences.

New Archery audiences would need no more changes to the iconic, Olympic Virtual Archery game than football or basketball or chess players would to their games.

This game may also be adaptable as single or multi-player events, which Valve may be motivated to promote, particularly if it could be co-promoted through World Archery and featured in the Olympic program.

[Holopoint logo image by Alzan Studios]