Facebook does VR Community

Facebook does VR Community

Among the many reasons that the marriage of archery and VR can explode the sport around the world is the fact that Virtual Reality Archery will build communities that are simply impossible without it.

The infrastructure for practical and effective – and available – archery communities is being built right now.

A major example of this is Facebook.

When Mark Zuckerberg pledges to bring a billion people to VR, it is not just because he’s into gaming… it is because he’s into communities.

It’s why Facebook is developing a virtual meeting environment: Facebook Spaces

It’s why they have announced the first untethered, standalone, non-smartphone VR headset, and priced it under the magic retail price of $200:

And it’s why, in June of 2017, Facebook changed their mission statement from this:

…to this:

There are two important implications of these developments.

First, Facebook’s commitment to VR is not episodic, it is strategic and fundamental to their company mission going forward.

Second, as the most powerful community-focused member of the Magnificent Seven, they have a very high chance of success, particularly as the other Six are similarly committed to VR technology.

All of this is similarly strategic and fundamental for Archery Everywhere.

It means that we will have the means to cost-effectively spread archery far and wide, including to parts of the world and to communities for whom serious archery is presently beyond practical and economic reach.

It means that high-quality, direct, mass competition and immersive viewership will be available to anyone who has a VR Bow and Internet access.

It also means that high-quality, “hands-on” coaching and training will be available in every corner of the globe for the first time in history.

It means that we can build a completely new, world-wide virtual archery community, the likes of which neither archery, nor any sport, has ever seen.