Change: Horizon Zero Dawn

Change: Horizon Zero Dawn

Among the many changes that are taking place around us are fundamental shifts in eGaming content, diversity, and presentation.

One of the leaders of these shifts is Horizon Zero Dawn, a game which was introduced in February of 2017, and sold 2.6 million copies in its first two weeks.

It is a winner or contender for many judges’ Game of the Year honors…

…and is one of the highest and best reviewed games ever.

OK, so all of this is great… but why is is so important for our effort?

Two fundamental reasons:

1. This game puts a massive exclamation point on The Role of the Bow in eGaming.

2. The female protagonist, Aloy, is a complex personality, and a warrior [as was red-haired Merida, in Brave], who is not bloodthirsty. From a company – Guerilla Games – whose only previous claim to global fame was the blood-soaked KillZone, this is a harbinger of an elemental shift in, and expansion of, the gaming community.

Guerilla Games went from these three…

To these three… The Three Matriarchs. Matriarchs??? This is not your father’s Role Playing Game [RPG].

And in case you forgot…

Guerilla Games took a huge risk with Horizon Zero Dawn. Not only did they create a kick-ass, effective and affecting female lead for their game, they created a kick-ass, diverse, complex, progressive society to populate their amazing world.

Disney and Pixar’s Brave was a triumph of female-focused, non-violent drama, in which Merida [as Ellen Ripley did in Alien] triumphed in what was otherwise “a man’s world.”

Horizon Zero Dawn does something profoundly different.

Their world shifts the entire ground under everyone’s feet. Aloy triumphs not primarily because she is an unusually capable and inspiring woman, but because she is an unusually capable and inspiring person.

And she fights like hell with no hint of a lust for killing. First, she’s “killing” mostly maniac machines. Second, when she [far less often] does kill a human being, she is more efficient than impassioned.

More to our point… it worked.

Something is happening out there.

The eGaming world is opening up to new possibilities and to new audiences, including, this time, a lot more women and others for whom intense violence just doesn’t work.

In other words, closer to Olympic values.