Change: Elena Isinbaeva & Dick Fosbury

Change: Elena Isinbaeva & Dick Fosbury

That’s Elena Isinbaeva. She is doing three amazing, once-impossible things.

She is winning an Olympic Gold Medal… that’s the easiest of the three.

The other two amazing things are:

1. She is competing at all. Before 1900, women were not allowed to compete in the games.

2. She is using a flexible, fiber glass or carbon fiber vaulting pole, neither of which existed before the 1950s.


When, after many years, the conditions are right for fundamental change, only a spark is needed to make disruptive change happen.

It wasn’t so long ago that the high jump looked like this:

Until a skinny guy named Dick Fosbury did this, in 1988, and won the Olympic Gold Medal:

Now, we can hardly remember [or Google] the high jump being done any other way:

If you’d told anyone [even Dick Fosbury] in 1987 that this change would happen, world-wide, ONE year later, they would have laughed in your face.

It took time to get there, and a fundamental shift, to better padded landing areas, to make it physically possible.

Then all it took was Dick Fosbury doing his thing.

One small step, at the right time.

Which is why we are now, with Virtual Reality Archery…

Doing. Our. Thing.