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We have the opportunity to develop a global Olympic eSports presence, from the ground up.

We can draw and benefit from the significant energy and growth of the eSports industry without being inhibited by its limitations of violence, non-athleticism, and gender insularity.

We can leverage existing Olympic sports, and bring them into the 21st Century electronic domain, not by degrading their essential athletic nature, but by enhancing and extending it.

We can apply the brand and organizational power of the Olympic Movement to expand 21st Century athletics far beyond the boundaries of existing sport, conventional or electronic.

We can do all of this because we are prepared, with archery, and then fencing, the shooting sports, and others, to occupy the unlimited new playground that virtual reality creates.


These sports are poised to leap the chasm that most other sports will not… the chasm that separates young people’s physical world from the worlds of their imaginations.

They are positioned this way because they can robustly occupy infinitely expanding virtual space and do so in virtually every physical space.

They are positioned this way because they beautifully fit the new technologies and the new culture that will soon enough dominate our world.

This has been true, for instance, of every sport which has dominated the American landscape, though these effects are global.

Radio exploded baseball. Television exploded football. Smartphones and social media exploded basketball.

Virtual Reality will explode the most virtualisable sport of all: Archery.

And usher in the era of Virtual Reality Athletics.


The Challenges

The Solution

Archery can be one of the world’s most popular sports in ten years.


Archery Everywhere™ can happen.

Here are the factors that will contribute to archery being played [and watched] by more than 300 million people… as many or more than [American] football, basketball or soccer.

  1. Archery has deep, persistent, and ubiquitous presence in world culture, and is more evident in popular culture than any other sport.
  2. Virtual Archery [using smartphone and headset apps] will eliminate the venue barrier to archery play. And there will be far more places to do archery than to play basketball or soccer.
  3. Archery is by far the optimal sport for virtual play: it’s player-space-contained, completely safe, and provides the thrill of target play, physical exertion, and the soaring flight of virtual arrows.
  4. We are on the cusp of the Virtual Reality Revolution:
  5. Archery is the only “positive weapon.” Neither swords or guns pass this test… not even close. Ask Walt Disney and Pixar. Can you imagine Merida in “Brave” carrying this?
  6. Archery is the best suited real sport to merge athleticism with electronic sports, or eSports, which is the fastest growing “sport-that’s-not-a-sport” in the world.
  7. Virtual Archery has the potential to spread like wildfire around the world, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gets closer to making his goal:
  8. Virtual Archery can be the first and most exciting electronic sport discipline in the Olympics, and do it well inside our ten years.
  9. Virtual Archery can be completely transferable to conventional archery, with conventional arrows. All of the movements, behaviours, and results can be made equivalent. Therefore, virtual archery can be an easier, more exciting archery on-ramp and an alternative practice mode.

Imagine predicting, in 1997, that in ten years, almost everyone on earth would carry their television around with them everywhere they went:

Think Television Everywhere™.
A pretty crazy idea.

In 1997, the most sophisticated mobile phones looked like this:

Ten years later, this happened:

And soon, this will happen too:

And every one of those six billion people will also be a candidate for the augmented reality smartphone version of Archery Everywhere™,
just by downloading an App and buying a bow:

In 2014, IOC President Thomas Bach exhorted the Olympic Movement to get people – especially young people – off of these:

We live in a world in which more people than ever are doing this:

Or this:

We can have them doing this [the virtual reality version of Archery Everywhere™]:

She can be playing in a virtual tournament with over 500 other young [and old] people from all over the world.

Or they can do this, in almost any field or playground or course [the Aero™ version of Archery Everywhere™]:

And, as millions do today, he could do this [the traditional version of Archery Everywhere™]:

Our market for players like this is growing faster every day, and it will equal or exceed the number that are playing soccer or basketball or eGames… now or in ten years.

Will we be the most popular sport in ten years?

We don’t know.

Can we be?